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From blood products for transfusion and time-sensitive anti-venoms, to critical medications, vaccines, and surgical supplies, Vayu’s drones deliver vital supplies --anywhere, anytime. Vayu’s drone not only brings precious cargo to remote areas, but it can also pick up medical products, such as lab samples, and return them to a central laboratory for testing.

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Mail. Spare parts. Consumer electronics. Time-sensitive documents. These are just a few examples of the use cases where Vayu’s vehicle can play a critical role. Delivery from hub-to-hub or to the ‘last mile’. Vayu’s vehicle can both decrease costs, due to its fuel efficiency and autonomous capability -- and increase market share.

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Vayu’s drone can reach open-pit mines and offshore oil platforms. By transporting spare parts, or other commodities, Vayu’s vehicle can save a company from down-time and high costs of on-site stocking, while avoiding more costly forms of transportation.

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Disaster Relief

In times of crisis, when infrastructure is compromised, Vayu’s drones can reach areas otherwise completely inaccessible. Whether it’s after an earthquake, hurricane, or flooding, Vayu’s drones can take off and land anywhere, and reach populations in need.

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