Vayu is committed to democratizing aerial logistics. Our unmanned aerial vehicle will overcome the mountains, flooded roads, rivers, oceans and other barriers that currently impede delivery of critical medical goods. This technology will be the connective tissue for improving diagnosis and treatment of the world’s worst diseases in underserved and previously inaccessible communities.

The following is a list of values that exist at the core of our organization.


We hire people who are passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic about the mission, prepared to give 100%. This means coming to work physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually ready, rested, and prepared to get the job done. We hustle hard, often relentlessly, challenging ourselves and one another to achieve what others are too timid to pursue. Nothing about what we’re doing is easy, and so when things get tough, we rely on our passion for the mission to carry us beyond the limits of what we thought possible.


No one screws up on purpose, and yet we all screw up at some time. We are an organization founded with a compassionate mission at our core, and we need to extend that same compassion to how we treat one another. This means asking questions instead of getting mad. And it means patience and understanding when things aren’t going right.


We are frugal and scrappy, resilient and tough. We are low on drama, high on idealism, and improvise when things don’t work out as expected.


Vayu never would have started without taking a first step out of the stream. And we never would have landed on our best aircraft design without continually doodling and researching on the side to find a better way than the one we were working on at the time. And we’re not stopping there. Taking initiative means not standing around waiting for instructions. It means going for it, and experimenting, and not being afraid to fail.


We were founded with a particular mission around addressing the challenges of last-mile healthcare delivery for the poorest populations on earth, and along the way we are discovering other uses for this technology.  But we feel that no matter the use case, the work itself is a privilege, and we are humbled to be involved.

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Vayu is growing! We hire for passion. Experienced aerospace engineers, software developers, and composites technicians are invited to apply.

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