During my official trip to Washington, I made reservations to visit Vayu Inc in Michigan to see the drone work being done. I visited at the time they were making flight tests for the newly manufactured drones, I joined the field team for the launch.

With interest, my expectations well met, the drones can go up higher potential to move over hills in Uganda, the capacity to carry weights of over 3Kgs per flights was great in relation to our plan to transport blood samples and specimens including medical supplies for the differentiated service delivery model.

I had an opportunity to visit the Vayu workshop where I met the strong busy engineers, demonstrated to me the process and drone designs including space parts and product description. My observation was that Vayu is a manufacturer drone ( not third party) and implementer with partners, there is no regret to choosing Vayu as you drone partner.

Jostas Mwebembezi

President and Executive Director

Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy in Uganda