Vayu’s drone can take off anywhere, without a launcher or runway. But it can also disassemble easily, within minutes, and can be transported into a box that fits conveniently into the back of a small car or truck.

Easy to Use

Vayu’s drone is fully autonomous. It is designed specifically to be used by a community health worker in a rural setting. The vehicle’s flight plan isĀ  pre-set and the user only needs to select from a list of available options to tell the drone where to fly. No pilot required.

Convenient Payload Compartment

Designed specifically for delivery, Vayu’s drone can carry just over 2kg in a compartment over 20 liters in volume. The payload container is integrated into the drone’s fuselage, with a built-in handle, so that the user only needs to walk up to the vehilce, pull the handle, and walk away with the contents of the container. The container locks in place with latch mechanisms to secure it during flight.

Return to Home

With the touch of a button, the user can send the drone back to the location it originated from. With Vayu’s patented Return-to-Home function button, Vayu’s vehicle is able to retrace its step from its previous departure point.

Powered by Solar

Vayu’s drone is fully electric. It runs off of batteries that can be charged with solar panels, but can also be hooked up to grid electricity or a generator.